Technical Team
Weitelong aims to develop first-class products and provide high quality services. Focusing on the talents training and the new technical absorption. Now, a team of design and development with a echelon and core members steady has been built. We have realized the comprehensive service from technical consultation, product selection, installation and debugging to equipment maintenance.



Weitelong Automation

Focusing on automation control, a number of technologies are filled the domestic gap.

The main production : high performance electric - gas converter, electric - gas valve locator, pneumatic valve locator and related air filter decompressor, signal generator and other products.

Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, mining, building materials, textile, food and other industries.
Provide professional automation control solutions for related supporting units and design institutes.


Product Advantages/Solutions

MCU intelligent control technology, high control precision.
The nozzle baffle structure is adopted and the gas source quality is low.

There is no resonance in the range of 5~ 200Hz.
Flexible conversion between single/double action.
To prevent vibrations by reducing the orifice of the locator.
You can achieve one-half range control without parts replacement.
Sensitivity +-0.2%F.S (single action) +-0.5% F.S.(double action)
Composite explosion-proof structure.


With all the efforts of Weitelong staff, we have successfully developed many advanced products to fill the gaps in China, and passed the relevant certification and obtained the patent.
The explosion-proof products have obtained the national explosion-proof certificate.


Simple installation and debugging.

Internal is used MCU control.
The L8 series intelligent valve locator have no CAM structure inside.
Feedback pole can be well worked within 20 ~ 95 °.
Nozzle baffle structure, not easy to jam, low failure rate.
Control accuracy is plus or minus 0.3%.


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